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Custo Dalmau, known as Custo Barcelona, is Spanish designer, who started his own business (clothes design, print, graphic design, collections for men and women) with his brother in 1980. This year he started a successful cooperation with Idesa Parfumes, Spanish brand, which presented popular perfumes for Mandarina Duck, Angel Schlesser, Alejandro Sanz, Joaquín Cortés and Anne Möller so far.

The inspiration for the brand was the brothers' long trip during which they travelled all around the world and discovered various artistic, cultural and philosophical expressions. They got particularly interested in the typical Californian style they saw on surfers and the psychedelic look. Colorful and innovative fashion trends caught their eye and tehy desided to bring the style back with them to Spain. Those were the beginnings of the brand launched under the name "Custo Line". The brothers learnt a lot about printing techniques, finishings and graphic design, which brought them to their colorful, innovative and bold design. They started with production of printed tops, and expanded to all other clothing items, as well as to fashion accessories and fragrances.

The first perfume by the house was presented in October 2008. It is an edition for women, an eternal combination of fashion, culture, journeys and mysterious secrets which will be revealed by the future. This modern edition was presented in creator Custo Barcelona's style: with a wide range of colours and unusual modernistic expression worth your attention.

Perfume Custo Barcelona is a warm perfume, which introduces sensual experience, full of spices, life, joy and power. The woman who will use it is a real cosmopolite, has adventurous spirit, is unconventional and open to styles of future. Custo Dalmau - Custo Barcelona received the Glamour Award, in category best women's fragrance, on May 20th 2009 for this perfume. Creator of this edition is perfumer Alberto Morillas.

The bottle and the package are modern and revolutionary since they are made of various materials. Such a mixture of structures and rough surfaces has not been used in production of bottles and packages yet. Creators Pati Núñez and Toni Arola were in charge of design of the new edition.

It is interesting that curves of the bottles and the whole package were inspired by the city of Barcelona, its coasts, impressive architecture and even by sunset. Rough granite material reminds of the coasts of Barcelona, glass reflects liveliness of Custo Barcelona's hometown with name Custo carved in pink glass. Shape of the bottle was created thanks to modern expression of young architects who project the future of Barcelona in an impressive way. The top of the bottle stands for top modern skyscrapers of the unusual Spanish town.

This avant-garde and exclusive seal by creator Custo Barcelona was made in a harmonious game of different elements.

Custo Barcelona presented his first fragrance for men, Custo Men in October 2009. The sweet, sexy, optimistic and spicy new fragrance by Custo Barcelona was created in cooperation with perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, as an eternal combination of fashion, beauty, journey, culture and mysterious secrets. Flacon of the masculine edition Custo Man repeats the theme of the previous year's edition while combining various materials: green glass and metal board, decorated with relief names. Its stopper is eccentric and shows escape from conformism.

In 2010 the collection was rounded with a fragrant pair for men and women - Pure Custo Barcelona Man and Pure Custo Barcelona Woman. Freedom and freshness are part of the purest concept behind these two fragrances. They are both characterized by a pure spirit. They express Pure Fashion and contain Pure Innovation. The peacock found on packaging and on ad campaign is taken as a symbol of the very essence of the brand and of the new perfumes.


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